Dispel the facial fillers myths!

Facial Fillers - 4 MisbeliefsFacial Fillers are kind of like Botox’s lesser-known sibling. There’s always buzz about Botox, but somehow facial fillers constantly get overlooked as a viable addition to your anti-aging arsenal!

So, what are these mythical fillers anyway?

Facial Fillers are an injectable treatment designed to decrease the signs of aging. While Botox affects the facial muscle, facial fillers plump up the skin, which can help to fill in wrinkles and skin folds. These nifty treatments can last anywhere from a few months to a few years!

We can already hear the misbeliefs lining up…

But don’t fret – this article will dispel those worries chop-chop!

Misbelief 1: Facial Fillers Hurt – There Are Needles Involved!

The average person is not a big fan of pain, which is probably why this myth gets trotted out whenever you so much as whisper about facial fillers. But this dislike of pain is exactly why your doctor will inject the filler using needles that are very small and designed for comfort. Many dermal fillers also contain a mild anesthetic called lidocaine – and if you are still shaking in your boots, there’s always numbing cream that can be applied to the treatment area before your injection!

You may feel a slight pinching or stinging sensation during the injection, but this should be mild and temporary. Let’s face it; plucking your eyebrows hurts too, but the juice is worth the squeeze!

Misbelief 2: Facial Fillers = Victim of Botched Plastic Surgery

Like everything in life, hiring an amateur to do your facial fillers can – and probably will – give you less-than-satisfactory results.

The solution? Visit experienced, qualified doctors like us!

The only facial fillers that you easily notice are the ones that are overdone and misplaced. A good doctor will know the right amount of dermal filler to use and where to inject it to give you noticeable yet natural results. Put your trust in the hands of professionals, and you’ll be thrilled with your fillers!

Misbelief 3: They’re Permanent – What If I Hate Them??

Commitment can be scary – we know! Many people fear that if they do not like the results of a dermal filler they’ll have to wait for the filler to wear off.

But you’re in luck! These days, many dermal fillers can be reversed by injecting a specific substance that dissolves the filler without a waiting period. Would you like to “try on” some fillers? Chat to us about your options!

Misbelief 4: Anti-Aging Products Will Give The Same Results

Look, we’d never dream of bashing our lotions and potions – skin care products can definitely help improve the appearance of your skin. Most doctors will urge you to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen, of course, and many people often find they like the results of skin creams containing retinoids or peptides.

But these are not replacements for procedures like fillers; you’ll certainly get more dramatic and targeted results from a cosmetic filler, so why not double-down on your treatments?


What do you think… will fillers fill your heart with joy? Please get in touch – we’d love to help!