Liposuction is a surgical procedure that regularly generates a flurry of different and sometimes completely contradictory responses. Mention it in conversation and you’re likely to get everything from eager questions to fear sparked by myths and misconceptions.

We know that well-informed patients make the best decisions about their health, and so we aim to dispel the most popular myths about liposuction. Knowledge is power!

Liposuction Myths and Misbeliefs

Misbelief 1: It Cures Cellulite

Liposuction does not cure celluliteWe’re sorry to be the bearers of bad news, but liposuction definitely does not cure cellulite!

This is because liposuction targets and removes soft fatty tissue, while cellulite is a hard, fibrous band of tissue that is attached to the top layer of the skin and pulls down on the skin to create that characteristic dimple.

Liposuction simply cannot target the tissue that causes cellulite — but it is still an effective way to get rid of stubborn fat deposits.




Misbelief 2: It’s Only for Women

Liposuction for Men

It’s the age of equality, and gentlemen have fat deposits too! Liposuction sees no gender, and it is effective on the fat deposits of both men and women. In fact, some couples schedule “his and hers” appointments and experience the process together. There are no restrictions on wanting to look and feel better about yourself!


Misbelief 3: It Cures Obesity

The search for a magical cure-all for obesity seems eternal, but any medical professional will tell you (as they have told countless other patients) that there is no quick fix! Liposuction is not a weight-loss tool; your surgeon will simply not be able to safely remove enough fat to have a significant impact on your weight. Liposuction is not the beginning of your weight-loss program, but is rather the end of it. It targets stubborn areas of fat, like love handles or a spare tyre, that have stuck around despite a healthy diet and regular exercise.


Misbelief 4: The Fat Will Just Move Somewhere Else

Fat is not a sentient being – we promise! This misconception may be due to the fact that if you gain weight after liposuction, the fat will not accumulate in the areas you targeted with liposuction – but it will end up everywhere else!

Liposuction is a permanent procedure, but it only affects the parts of your body on which it was performed. The rest of your body will still be governed by the need to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly – so take care of yourself!


If you have any other questions about liposuction, please contact us – we’d love to help!