We’ve all heard about it; joked about it; whispered about it over a glass of wine; perhaps even speculated about who’s had it done, and considered doing it ourselves… What is this mysterious “it”, you may ask? Botox, of course!

Botox is regularly touted as a miracle of the modern age. I mean, who wouldn’t want to look younger and more rested without having to resort to a painful and expensive surgery?

But as popular as this procedure is, it still has not managed to escape the rumour mill.  We are here to set the record straight on the myths and misconceptions about Botox, once and for all!

Misbelief 1: Botox is Toxic and Unsafe

This is a favourite myth, probably because Botox derives from botulinum toxin, which most commonly associated with food poisoning. However, Botox is actually a purified derivative of botulinum protein. As always, your mother was right when she told you “everything in moderation”; this mantra applies to wine, cupcakes, and Botox. The amounts of Botox injected are nowhere near toxic levels, and no long-term side effects have ever been reported in the millions of Botox users around the world. Take it from the experts (and your mother) – Botox is safe!


Misbelief 2: Botox Hurts – A Lot!

Yes, there are needles involved – a statement that we know has your inner six-year-old cowering in a corner. But don’t fret! The needles used in the procedure are extremely small, and they go just below the surface of the skin. You might feel a slight pinching sensation, but if you’ve ever plucked a stray nose hair or waxed a bikini line, then you will be A-okay! There are also topical numbing creams available, but most patients don’t even find them necessary.


Misbelief 3: Botox = Emotionless Mannequin Face

Remember what mum said – “everything in moderation”? Find a doctor who tells you the same thing! Botox does not automatically remove all emotion and expression from your face. It is a technique-sensitive treatment, which means that if you have a skilled practitioner, Botox injections will never make you look emotionless or frozen. In addition, Botox can only relax muscles at the point of injection — it does not spread to muscles that are not targeted. So, if you and your doctor follow mum’s sterling advice, you will definitely not end up looking like an emotionless mannequin!


Misbelief 4: Botox is Permanent

One of the reasons that Botox is so safe and popular is that it provides temporary results. Depending on the patient, the muscles under the skin can start to move again after 3 to 6 months, and the resulting wrinkles gradually return. This means that if you realise that you actually miss your frown line, simply don’t repeat the procedure and that wrinkle will be back stat! However, if you can’t believe you waited so long to blitz that crease, then regular treatments every 3 to 4 months will maintain your fabulous new look. The power is in your hands!


Misbelief 5: Botox Treats All Facial Concerns

Everyone has a facial feature they think could do with some improving, whether it’s a deep frown line or a thin bottom lip. And while Botox is pretty miraculous stuff, it’s only miraculous for the right areas – places where wrinkles and lines have formed because of repetitive muscle movements. So, while Botox will work a treat for that crease between your eyebrows, it definitely will not help you attain the plump pout you’ve always coveted. For areas where added volume is required, we recommend facial fillers instead of Botox.  If fillers sound like just the thing for you, then check out our next article!


What do you think… is it time to Botox some wrinkles? Please get in touch – we’d love to help!