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4 Misbeliefs About Facial Fillers

Dispel the facial fillers myths! Facial Fillers are kind of like Botox’s lesser-known sibling. There’s always buzz about Botox, but somehow facial fillers constantly get overlooked as a viable addition to your anti-aging arsenal! So, what are these mythical fillers...

5 Misbeliefs About Botox

We’ve all heard about it; joked about it; whispered about it over a glass of wine; perhaps even speculated about who’s had it done, and considered doing it ourselves… What is this mysterious “it”, you may ask? Botox, of course! Botox is regularly touted as a miracle...

4 Misbeliefs About Liposuction

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that regularly generates a flurry of different and sometimes completely contradictory responses. Mention it in conversation and you’re likely to get everything from eager questions to fear sparked by myths and misconceptions. We...